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  • Rugged Computer Sea based solutions

    Great Customer Service

    • Face to face dialogues
    • Prompt responses
    • Delivering sample hardware for hands-on evaluations
    • Ability to be nimble and accommodating
    • Simple, cost effective and efficient solutions
    • Use of new and latest technologies with long life cycles
    Ruggedized Computer Air based solutions

    Skilled Engineers

    • Required skills to design and manufacture displays or panels, allowing customers to focus on higher level tasks
    • Easy access to executives of the company giving customers a sense of control and involvement
    • Strong customer support with management of obsolescence as per defense industry goals
    • Above ordinary product backup if problems occur
    Rugged Mobile Computer Land based solutions

    Mission Specific Needs

    • Any specific environmental or functional requirement leading to a specific design
    • Replacement of competitor’s obsolete technology
    • Custom technical requirements with harsh environment, mobile/vehicular requirements leading to need for ruggedized products

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  • Manufacturing a high quality product is the main focus of the Milcots Production Team. MILCOTS leadership is deeply committed to implementing quality practices throughout all levels of the organization. Currently certified to ISO9001:2015 – and compliant to Airforce quality standard AS9100 with certification expected 2022

    Our 50,000 sq. ft state-of-the-art facility has been designed to enhance manufacturing flow, workforce expansion and incorporates multiple environmental testing chambers (heat, cold, vibration), a dark room for testing LCD luminance and NVIS features, EMI testing and a dedicated class 10k Clean Room.

    All products are assembled by a team of highly trained technicians. Working within their own cell, team members have access to all online documentation. Routings and travelers are documented and signed for each single step of the production process. Our team of QC inspectors gets involved when parts are received and maintain a constant quality watch during integration (in process) up to the last steps prior to shipping (final inspection as part of the acceptance procedure).

    The ESD and environmentally controlled facility prioritizes cleanliness, starting with an effective FOD awareness program. Glass & LCD assembly is completed in a separate clean room to ensure no debris. Processes such as gluing and soldering are performed in separate ventilated rooms to avoid cross contamination and guarantee safe conditions to our personnel.

    A traveler packet accompanies every product assembled which tracks all steps completed as well as in-process quality checks. The well controlled inventory is managed by FIFO and material used is tracked on each traveler by vendor information for full traceability. Every product is 100% tested and 100% QC Inspected before leaving Milcots.

    Milcots has a complete Environmental test area including multiple Thermal Chambers as well as a Shock & Vibration table. This equipment is used for Design Validation as well as any ESS or Burn-In requirements set forth in the product specification/requirements.

    MILCOTS performs a 24 hours ESS burn-in test at high temperature on each single product manufactured. Performed to eliminate any premature electronic defect, this ESS sequence can be completed by more specific tests (such as vibration or cold start) when required by the program.

    Milcots is an ISO9001:2015 company with a complete paperless quality system.

    ISO 9001
    quality 1

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    quality 1

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  • Our expertise is solving the complex MIL-STD requirements of the military display markets and balancing the newest technology with the product longevity that program managers demand.

    Milcots’ in house team of engineers has a century of experience working with military applications. Our engineering team has a balanced range of core competencies in mechanical, electrical, firmware and software design, manufacturing and test engineering to execute projects from specification to a fully qualified production system. Our team is consulted upfront in projects, to guide and advise our customers on technical performance, component choices and provide experienced support.

    Milcots solves problems, providing Form Fit and Function replacements for obsolete units and creating long lasting new solutions for new or legacy programs.

    Milcots Engineering Team are Subject Matter Experts in the field of military computer and display design and configuration, with a deep familiarity of envinronmental and human factor requirements, allowing the customer to focus on higher level tasks.

    A team approach including engineering, company executives, and sales provides the customers a sense of control and involvement. Strong customer support approach with management of obsolescence is the primary objective.
    skilled engineers
  • MILCOTS constantly surveys the LCD market to take advantage of new industrial solutions and implement new features into our products, ever mindful of SWaP-C and reliability.

    Features include high resolution (4K), multi touch sensors (PCAP, IR, resistive), enhanced luminance (with or without NVIS capability), high contrast ratio, low latency solutions, analog and digital video acquisition and fusion with overlay capabilities. Specific requirements of each branch of the military are addressed, such as heavy shock requirement for Navy, severe lightweight constraints for Airborne, or boot kick and CBRN decontamination for ground Army.

    Milcots use of a modular design allows for dozens of configurations without redesigning while addressing MIL-STD requirements. This design approach minimizes initial NRE costs and enables quick turnaround for tech refreshes further down the product lifecycle.

    Milcots innovative management systems provides above average traceability of product history, as well as full paperless access to all applicable documentation.
  • Because customer service is paramount, Milcots supports their customers long after the warranty has expired, providing technical solutions to new situations as well as a comprehensive repair service, with dedicated technicians experienced in resolving issues arising from field operations.

    MILCOTS strives supporting customers during bid process, providing prompt responses from key experts, with simple cost effective solutions and the use of new and the latest technologies with long life cycles. Because time is always of the essence, ROM or formal quotes are provided diligently.

    When new solutions are sought we can also provide sample hardware for evaluation.
    customer service

    For After sales services and repairs:

    All returns to the factory require an RMA number. By sending the following information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., an RMA number with our shipping address will be returned:
    • customer name and address
    • part number of the returned unit
    • serial number of the returned unit
    • brief description of the reason for return
    • shipping return address

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