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Milcots has been making rugged computers and displays for the military since 2002, becoming an independent company in 2006.  Our success in creating ultra-reliable and qualified military computer displays in bulkheads and consoles began with the US Navy, and as our reputation spread, we were invited to engineer deployed and qualified military screen solutions for Army and Air Force branches.    

Milcots’ inhouse team of engineers has a century of experience working with military applications. Our expertise is solving the complex MIL-STD requirements of the military display markets and balancing the newest technology with the product longevity that program managers demand.

Milcots use of a modular design allows for dozens of optional permutations of MIL-STD requirements. This design approach minimizes initial NRE costs and enables quick turnaround for tech refreshes further down the product lifecycle.

Milcots solves problems, providing Form Fit and Function replacements for obsolete units and creating long lasting new solutions for new programs. Our military tough, rugged mobile computer systems are designed to meet the most severe requirements encountered in military environments, and are the computers of choice for sea, air and ground applications.

Milcots is based in NJ, in a state-of-the-art facility which houses our manufacturing, engineering and senior leadership.

Rugged Computer Sea based solutions

Great Customer Service

  • Face to face dialogues
  • Prompt responses
  • Delivering sample hardware for hands-on evaluations
  • Ability to be nimble and accommodating
  • Simple, cost effective and efficient solutions
  • Use of new and latest technologies with long life cycles
Ruggedized Computer Air based solutions

Skilled Engineers

  • Required skills to design and manufacture displays or panels, allowing customers to focus on higher level tasks
  • Easy access to executives of the company giving customers a sense of control and involvement
  • Strong customer support with management of obsolescence as per defense industry goals
  • Above ordinary product backup if problems occur
Rugged Mobile Computer Land based solutions

Mission Specific Needs

  • Any specific environmental or functional requirement leading to a specific design
  • Replacement of competitor’s obsolete technology
  • Custom technical requirements with harsh environment, mobile/vehicular requirements leading to need for ruggedized products

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