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The MILCOTS rugged displays are delivered as stand alone units (wall or desktop mounted) or with a panel mount interface (console mounted). Designed around an all aluminum chassis, they are built to survive harsh conditions and are perfectly suited for Army, Navy, Air Force or other demanding applications that require reliable components to achieve critical operations.

The panel mounts versions are typically selected for console type applications such as multi function consoles for combat systems, machinery control systems, ground control stations, airborne command and control stations and operator consoles.

A large variety of options is available on all models, such as: power input, touch sensors, video inputs, NVIS, high bright, custom mechanical and electrical interfaces, color... Various configurations are also proposed to meet the environmental performances required on each project. Built with industrial grade components, these rugged displays have a typical life cycle of 12 to 15 years. MILCOTS also proposes form fit function replacement solutions of obsolete third parties products.

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Rugged Displays Military

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