• Milcots Engineering team comprises mechanical, electronic and electrical experts as well as software developers. Primarily dedicated to continuous improvement and customization of Milcots range of products, we also design customer specific solutions starting from a clean sheet of paper.

    A frequently requested task for our engineering team is replacing obsolete units with form fit and function up-to-date solutions – Milcots can exchange the most vintage of screens and replacing it with a modern functional and long lived display or computer.

    All components are rigorously reviewed for any sustainment issues prior to drawing release, and once units are in the field engineering support continues to monitor BOMs for notifications from the multiple OEMs.

    Milcots’ customers benefit from our expertise in achieving Mil Spec standards for EMI, Shock, Vibration, Extreme Temperature and Environmental conditions. Mil Specs are standard for Milcots builds.
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  • Engineered In house for Milcots Rugged Hardware, our experienced inhouse software team creates custom solutions for unique programs. Developing application software for specific systems, and designing custom drivers ensure MILCOTS’ customers have access to the solution that best fits their needs. Video distribution systems with multiple levels of cyber security “baked in” deliver the secure and resilient solutions appropriate for our customer’s environment.

    Typical software development efforts include custom man machine interfaces, customer designated applications, specific programming of bezel keys through serial or ethernet protocols, data acquisition, screen overlay, split view, dual view, quad view, picture in picture video feeds, data recording and replay. Data sources can include IP cameras, intruder perimeter sensors, silent/audio alarms, vision and IR sensors, control valves and gauges, environmental sensors, status boards, vehicle sensors on CANBUS...

    Milcots software services are utilized in multiple situations: Machine and engine rooms, HVAC, air compressors, all video surveillance situations, vehicles, aircrafts, all navy and marine vessels, operator consoles


  • We build custom configurations for each customer’s project using Milcots nimble and proven module strategy. This approach improves reliability, cost and turnaround time, and even units that start with a blank page benefit from this modular approach by embedding already proven and tested modules.

    On a case by case basis, MILCOTS develops specific electro-mechanical hardware to address the most custom configurations. The development of those custom solutions requires the same attention to details as the common modules to meet the environmental and functional performances.

    Our in house team of mechanical and electrical engineers has the experience and skills required to guide customers to the requirements they need and move forward with the design and development of the solution.

    Milcots’ customers benefit from our expertise in achieving Mil Spec standards for EMI, Shock, Vibration, Extreme Temperature and Environmental conditions. Mil Specs are standard for Milcots builds.
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  • Key components for MILCOTS rugged displays and computers are selected at the beginning of the design process with longevity and durability in mind. When OEM manufacturers announce obsolescence and end of life events, our engineering support team researches best form fit and function options. Customers are notified of last time buy and upgraded recommendations. By utilizing the modular building block engineering process MILCOTS solutions are maintained and upgraded whilst preserving the original model configuration.

    As commercial tracking databases were insufficient for our customers needs, MILCOTS developed an internal web based database, allowing the tracking of end of life for critical components. All units shipped to customers are documented and automated notifications are being sent to our EOL management group as needed, to trigger the EOL review process.

    This approach allows MILCOTS to warn customers ahead of the last time buy cycles offered by the OEM or distributors, leading to more options to consider, better documented, and with more time to act.

    Additional EOL protection can also be provided with a sustainment subscription service with a more proactive approach and a periodic obsolescence management and customized status report and plan.
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MIL-STD-810 MIL-STD-461 MIL-STD 167 MIL-S-901 Grade A
NVIS / Night Vision Daylight Readable Boot Kick Compliant
PCAP IR Touch Monitors Panel PCs
Water Resistant Touch Screens EMI/EMC Compliancy
NSA compliant TEMPEST Level 1

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